Your trusted Cat boarding kennel

All of us who have cats have doubts about where to leave their pets during their
vacations or business trips. In Can-Cun we present an exclusive space dedicated to
the care and welfare of cats to make them feel at home, in a quiet and relaxed
Our feline residence has rooms totally isolated from each other, equipped with the
best insulation available in the market so that during the summer they do not get
hot and during the winter they are warm.

Services we offer


Our guests are accommodated in individual and spacious boxes. Each room is
composed of:

  • An outside part, but totally fenced, where your cat will be able to have his sun baths. We all know that cats like to look through the windows, enjoying idyllic views of the Alicante mountains.
  • An indoor area, where your cat can take refuge from the cold in winter and heat in summer. Since we have installed a roof with a vegetable cover of half a meter supported on a metal plate that in summer cools the environment thanks to the
    insulating effect of the gravel and soil that has above.
  • Individual air duct to renew the interior air automatically and leave the environment without odors and two PVC windows for greater thermal insulation.

Play Area

All the rooms are equipped so that your cat can entertain himself for hours without any problem, in addition, they are spacious rooms that have all the amenities to make your cat feel at home. In each room there is a wall with several interactive elements for any cat to play with them, thanks to this type of mounds, the rooms are fully adapted for your cat to play and enjoy without any risk. The facility is also heated for the cold months.

The outings are done in shifts, as we never put cats of different owners together.


All cats must have their vaccinations up to date, be dewormed. They must have a leukemia test. Cats with diseases that can be transmitted to other kittens will not be accepted. It is recommended that you bring your carrier bag so that your cat can sleep with its usual scents.

If your kitten has a medical problem or has to take any kind of medication, no problem! Just bring your medication, certificate from your veterinarian and give us the necessary instructions. Your veterinarian can also be in contact with us at any time.


Food is included in the price. We have different ranges of healthy and appetizing dry food, and also rich and varied pâtés for gourmets. But if your cat has a special diet, or does not adapt well to changes of food, it is recommended that you bring the food so as not to change their diet.

The litter is provided on the premises, we use pellets, the trays are cleaned every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a daily fee or does the price vary depending on the hours and days of stay?

The price per night is 10€ in normal season. We also have offers if you are going to stay more than 30 nights or are more cats in the same house.


Does my cat stay with other cats?

We have individual rooms for each cat so that they do not get together. Cats are very territorial and do not like to share new spaces. Each cat has its own games and outdoor spaces, but always fenced.