Your trusted dog boarding kennel

We are a kennel located in Alicante (Tibi), where we offer all kinds of facilities to our customers, if you are looking for a hotel for your dog, Can-Cun is the perfect place.

We have a differential value compared to other dog hotels and is that your pets have all kinds of amenities available to them, thanks to the large rooms with which our dog hotel has, the stay of your dog or your dogs will be amazing, do not hesitate and trust your dog hotel par excellence.

One of the highlights of this hotel for dogs is that thanks to our pet pick up service you can leave your dog or dogs in our kennel regardless of where you live, we move to your home to pick up your pets. If you live in the center of Alicante or surroundings, do not worry, just call and one of our professionals will go to pick up your pets as soon as possible.

In this dog resort we have the advantage that our facilities are very spacious and all dogs can enjoy them. We have a total of 10,000 square meters of canine hotel in Alicante so that any dog has the best conditions for their enjoyment.

Services we offer

Animal Welfare

In Can-Cun we offer a service in which your dog can enjoy all our facilities and the small parks that are in the enclosure. We adapt our professionals depending on the needs of your pets so that there is always a good relationship between the dogs and our professionals. This is the basis of the animal welfare of your pet in this kennel, therefore, we will do everything possible so that your dog or dogs are in the best possible conditions.

In this kennel for dogs, our main objective is that the dogs are calm and comfortable so that they learn to live with other dogs regardless of their breed and with people different from their owners. The welfare of the animal is the most important thing and in Can-Cun you can rest assured that your dog is in good hands.

Accommodation for Dogs

In Can-cun you have at your disposal a great variety of rooms, we have rooms with capacity for 1 or 2 dogs and also larger ones, even for 3 and 4 dogs. The rooms have an individual use per family, that is to say, in case you have 1, 2 or even 4 dogs, they will always stay in the same room, they will not share room with any other dog.

What is really important is that the animals are in the best possible hotel for dogs and that the stay with us is very positive so that you have a reliable place to leave your dogs. Your pet will be in the best possible conditions as we have a daily washing service for all the rooms so that the dog feels at home.

Walking Areas

Another of the services we offer in this dog hotel is the division of a land into nine plots, that is, nine long yards divided depending on the behaviors and habits of the dogs in question. In this dog hotel we want your pet to be as comfortable as possible and feel at home.

They are small parks large enough for your pets to enjoy the best possible walking areas and thus, enjoy a different way to stay in this kennel.


Pets pick up

One of the most personalized services we offer is the “pet pick up”, with this service we adapt to you, that is, we go to any address to pick up your pet in case you can not move to our kennel for any reason. You will not have to move, simply with a call, you must tell us the pick up address and we will come as soon as possible to pick up your pet.

It is an easy and simple procedure for both parties, we have the best vehicles so that your pets have the best possible comfort during the trip to the kennel.

Dog Training

Does your dog has problems of coexistence with other dogs or has inappropriate behaviors?

We offer a service of individual or group dog training, in which we leave to your choice, what type of class is more necessary for your dog. Depending on your priorities it is more convenient to choose one type of class or another.

The main objective of group training is that your dog learns to socialize with other dogs, is happy and thus, that there is a positive environment for all of them. We also teach each dog to get used to be with other people to avoid in the future, possible inappropriate behaviors. On the other hand, individual training is much more personalized and is more focused on improving the behavior of the dog with its respective responsible.


Swimming Pool Space

The swimming pool is the ideal place for our pets to enjoy the water, playing with others, swimming or simply cooling off during the summer months, when the heat is more intense.

If your dog is a water lover and you want us to clean him with a wash, he can freshen up before the shower in our pool.

Veterinarian and Washing

In case your dog has any veterinary treatment, we can continue it during the stay. If there are any complications, we will contact your trusted veterinarian first and if he/she is unable to attend him/her, our own veterinarian will do it.

In addition, at Can-Cun, we provide you with a basic bathing service, so that you can have the opportunity to take your dog home clean after your vacation at Can-Cun. The dogs are all day long in big yards and from playing they usually end up with some dirt on them.

Where to find us?

Nuestra residencia canina is located in the carretera CV-798,  Km 6.6, municipality of Tibi (Alicante)


Las coordinadas exactas del hotel canino son N 38º 33′ 54.454″ O 0º 34′ 43.753″

Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Tienen una cuota diaria o el precio varía dependiendo de las horas y los días de estancia?

Los precios varían en función del número de noches y del numero de perros. Cuantas más noches el precio es más económico y también hacemos descuentos por segunda o tercera mascota. Para concretar su caso, ponte en contacto con nosotros y te concretaremos la mejor oferta que tengamos disponible.

¿Mi perro va a salir a pasear o se va a quedar todo el día encerrado en su habitación?

Su perro no solo va a salir a pasear, si no que va a estar todo el día en grandes patios de recreo donde podrá jugar y tomar el sol, con perros de su misma intensidad de juego y de necesidades similares

Tenemos 9 grandes patios, para poder garantizar que su perro podrá estar la mayor parte del día jugando al aire libre, con bebederos y grandes sombras de arboles y pérgolas.

¿El precio incrementa en el caso de que se necesite el servicio de recogida?

Tenemos servicio de recogida y entrega a domicilio para que no tenga que desplazarse hasta el hotel. tiene un pequeño coste que va desde los 14€ ida y vuelta. Aunque puede variar si es una distancia superior a la normal. También puedes contratar solo recoger o solo entregar en cuyo caso serán 10€.